He Changed My Name

God drew me to Dominion Holy Ghost in 2005. I was living at a Women's Shelter here in Lubbock, TX. I started doing drugs around the age of 14! Smoking weed, then eating acid squares, sniffing cocaine that ultimately lead me to crack cocaine at the age of 18 years old.   I sold my body and everything I could get a hold of to get the drugs. I sold dope. Stole from people even my own family. My son dry fired a pistol over my head wanting to kill me because of all the embarrassment of living with a prostitute that gave him no respect.  I used to torment my son by saying, "I wonder who is going to take care of you when I die."

I use to have to sleep with oxygen because of my lungs were in such a bad shape. Suffered from blood clots in my lungs 4 times. I attempted suicide several times. I was going to slice my wrist on one incident but I heard a voice saying, "Don't do it. You won't go to Heaven".   I now know that was Jesus speaking to me to keep me from going to hell. God didn't allow the devil to take me out.   I used to jump in and out of cars with people I did not know. I had unprotected sex many, many times and God did not let me get a deadly disease. My Father kept me for such a time as this. I used to watch preachers on tv late at night. Saying to myself or the devil talking to me telling me that I was too filthy to be used or even serve the Living God...

But my Jesus, My Hero, shed His Blood for me. Many people tried telling me to stop doing drugs, but I couldn't. I tried and tried. Every time it became worse as the Word says in Matthew 12, when it is cast out and comes back to with seven more unclean spirits along with the first. The devil tried to kill me. But JESUS saved me! He brought me to Dominion to set under Pastors Kennith and Shirley Lawrence, my gifts in the earth, they nurtured me and continue to lead me. Teaching me line upon line and precept upon precept, the Word of God and seed faith giving to Father God. 

Unexpected Financial Blessing

Giving honor to God who is totally awesome. Giving honor to my pastor Kenneth Lawrence and my Co-Pastor Shirley Lawrence. To my associate pastors and my sisters and brothers.

Between 1993 and 2003 I worked for AutoZone. At the beginning of May 2018, I received a postcard from AutoZone stating that they were in the process of terminating their associates pension plan. I really did not think much about it since I had not worked there since 2003.

About a week later after receiving the postcard, I received a package of paperwork. In this package it had forms telling me that I had options to receive money from this pension plan. My options were to choose a lump sum or transfer it to my current job, if they had this same type of plan. I chose to receive the lump sum which totaled $9,490.42.

God is so amazing. He truly is in charge. Thank you father for choosing me!

Sister Ginger Moore

From Rags to Riches 

Giving God all the glory and thanking God for our Pastors, Kennith and Shirley Lawrence.

We want to share about the greatness of our God and the teaching of the truth of God from our Pastors.  It has impacted our lives in so many ways. The blood of Jesus has redeemed our lives, mind and our resolve through the teaching of faith and power in our lives.

We came to God broken, not knowing at all who God had called us to be.  Fifteen years ago, when I came to Dominion, I was homeless and living on $250 a month.  Through the teaching of our Pastors and their prayers to place our faith to action, God has taken me from a state of homelessness to purchasing my family's dream home. 

God truly does supply all of our needs according to His glory in Christ Jesus and he truly gives those the desires of their heart who diligently seek after Him.


The Power of the Blood   “Blood Favor”

A family of Dominion Holy Ghost Deliverance Tabernacle was without a home for six months.

During Dominion's evening service on Tuesday, May 8th, it was prophesied that God will bless the family with a house the next week! 

After this particular home was taking off the market, within a week the home was available again.  Bro. Eddie Jackson and wife Sis Sebrina filled out the rental application and met with the Landlord. After discussion the Landlord stated they did not qualify based on income, but God! Because of the Blood Favor God turned it around and blessed the Jackson family with this home!

The family picked up the keys Friday, June 1st and are beginning to move in a house they were told they were not qualified for!

Because of the Blood of Jesus, His Favor and the Faithfulness of our God after six long months the Jackson Family is now in their blessed home!  From rectangle to House!

God gave vision to my husband to clean Make Ready Homes! And because I know He hears from God we began to move on it! Did we have it all together? Do we have a Masters degree in business? Did we even have a clue to what God was going to do? No, No, and still no!

We began our own cleaning business “Hyssop” straight from our laundry room! Grabbed a bucket, Pine Sol, broom, vacuum and some kitchen towels and put them to work!

Through connection my Husband had we had our first house! First house turned to two...then after scouting the land (Marketing) God Blessed us with 72 student housing apartments! Wow! God was and is continuously blessing and opening doors for Hyssop!

From what started with one house, working maybe once or twice a week is now turned to everyday work plus employees! About 10 different clients and counting!

We are currently preparing for a major contract with 73 homes plus 3 different student housing properties that will average above 100 units each!

Through the process we have learned that through prayer, fasting and trusting God everything will fall into place! He who has promised is faithful!

Through the times I wanted to quit, find an 8-5 job, praying through doubt and frustrations there is a blessing on the other side of obedience!

Staying in position to be blessed-millionaires in the making!

Positioned to Prosper

First of all I must give Glory and Praise to My God and to My Pastors Kennith and Shirley Lawrence who serve so diligently in the Kingdom of God!

According to Jeremiah 29:11 God tells us He knows the plans that He has for us, plans of good and not evil!

In June of 2017 I was terminated from a very well paying medical job ($18 an hr to be exact) and my husband was working on his current job. So going from two incomes two one can be challenging. With the encouragement of my husband and my Pastors I was encouraged to work my Mary Kay business!

I will never forget my husband’s first words as I told him I got fired...this only means God has another door; remember God is the ultimate chess player!

With such confidence from the people whom surrounded me; I felt empowered to pursue my Mary Kay business, but would quickly face wavering faith. Often times I wanted to check for job opportunities but was quickly convicted as I was being in disobedience.

Sister Rochelle Russell

Michael Hay & Family

The Jackson Family

When I came to Dominion, My Pastor cast 7 devils out of me. I am a modern day Mary Magdalene. I only had SSI (Social Security - around $600 monthly) to live on then. Now, by My Pastor's teachings and applying the spoken Word of God to my life, God has blessed me with my own apartment that I share with my Sister in Christ, and my own vehicle, the best I've ever had. God increased me $58,332.50 this last year. God has blessed me tremendously by me humbling myself under the Man and Woman of God that He has placed before me. I give all the Glory and Honor to Father God, and Thank Him for continually washing me with His Word and purging my conscience from dead works to serve Him with a whole heart in Jesus Name. 

Yes Father God took a whore off the streets and renamed her Sister Ginger Moore.

Pastors Kenneth & TaShayla Lawrence